Your business assets are surrounded with various risks and threats. No matter if your assets exist digitally or physically, there are equal levels of threats that increase the chances of damage,which is why smart business leaders utilize backup and disaster recovery solutions. It is vital for all small and large companies to protect data and plan for potential disasters in advance. Destroyed or lost information can reduce productivity and even ruin an organization.

To secure your business data assets, SkyX Consultancy provides proven solutions and services in the presence of highly qualified professionals. No matter how small or large your organizational data assets are, we are capable of handling it. Our backup and disaster recovery solutions have helped thousands of big and small businesses.

Problems associated with physical asset storage

For many businessmen, digital platform doesn’t feel secure enough. So, they tend to choose the traditional ways of storing data assets. But, large file cabinets, folders, and other physical asset storage options don’t provide enough security and protection. There are various dangers that can damage physical documents and you can lose critical information without ever getting it recovered.

Most critical issues with physical asset storage involve:

  • Water damage
  • Fire
  • Misplacement
  • Theft
  • Human error

How we ensure backup and disaster recovery

SkyX Consultancy specializes in backup and disaster recovery. We help you strategically transform your data assets to digital forms and store in an accessible and secure CMS. We design digital systems with all advanced security measures to protect against potential digital hazards such as system failure, damaged servers, and hackers. This way, you won’t have to worry about downtime.

Along with data backup, we also plan disaster recovery to save your business from going down due to lost data.

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