Main advantages to selecting SkyX
as your business continuity plan provider

1.   Customized solution

We do not use any templates or software. We prepare all business continuity plans (BCPs) from scratch.

2.   User-friendly format

Our plans are prepared in a user-friendly format with advanced design, including graphs, tables and illustrations.

3.   Track record

All completed BCP projects have received positive client feedback.

4.   Experience

All members of our team have 
15+ year experience in business continuity planning

5.   Compliance

Our plans are compliant with 
ISO 22300

6.   Affordable

Affordable prices with quick turnaround (14 to 21 days)


Our solution

SkyX provides business continuity plan services and 
disaster recovery plans. Development of these plans will help support your business’s sustainability and improve business – process effeciency.

Business Continuity Plans from SkyX:

  • Complex and high-quality service;
  • Affordable and quick turnaround times;
  • Team has 15+ years of experience with expertise in 42 industries;
  • Simplified and self-explanatory project process;
  • Compliance with ISO 22300.